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How to buy sunscreen.

Suggest that before buying sunscreen no matter what brand. The following matters should be taken into consideration as a primary concern. It’s important to your body. 1. Production date and expiration date           What’s fresh is better than something that’s about to expire. Sunscreen, too. The newer

   The effects of toxic dust PM2.5.

The effects of toxic dust that many people can clearly feel are a sore throat, itchy throat, dry cough. Which is quite annoying. So how do you fix this kind of throat irritation? When we breathe in large amounts of dust. The effects of toxic dust

Take care of your own oral health.

Taking care of your own oral health. Manual oral care techniques best oral health care is brushing teeth. Brushing teeth.            The method of brushing teeth that the department of health recommends is 2-2-2 brushing.            2: Brush your teeth twice a day, morning and night. To reduce

Take care of your facial skin to be beautiful.

Skin is smooth, clear, healthy is every woman’s dream. But to get it must be take care of your facial skin for healthy skin and beautiful. Many people these days may work at home or work from home. Making these real women and transgender women. Neglecting to take care of

What causes body odor?

What causes body odor?

What causes body odor and how can I get rid of it?  Body odor is something people around you don’t dare tell you. Did you know that Where did this unpleasant smell come from? So what do we have to do to be free from this stuffy smell?