‘Wright’ believes the EPL reduced the penalty on Everton

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England football legend Ian Wright believes Manchester City will be delighted after the Premier League announced the reduction of Everton’s points penalty from 10 to 6 points earlier this week.

Back in November “Blue toffee. Charged with breaching financial rules after the club lost more than £105m over a three-year period, สมัคร ufabet

Everton were handed a 10-point deduction before they appealed, which was reduced to just six points

. City are still under investigation for 115 breaches of financial regulations over nine periods between 2009 and 2018.

City’s punishment has not yet been decided, but Wright is concerned that the incident Happening to Everton could undermine the Premier League. Including entering the team “The Blue Sailboat” is currently in the investigation process.

“Premier League Made two mistakes,” Wright said on the Stick to Football podcast.

“If you have someone you know who does this job, They have work to check or whatever. And they missed the point and decided to reduce the penalty points. What do you think City’s legal team will do with this group of people?”

“They’re making City’s staff happy! It’s so ridiculous. How could they make that mistake? What I think is that they should take care of this. Personally, what should happen to me is They should do what they have to do. ‘Yes, we will fine you, you will be deducted 10 points. And at that point they said, ‘We’ll appeal.’”

“Let them appeal. And when we find out what the facts are after the appeal, then we will decide at that time. But before that, what do you do? Because now you are in this embarrassing situation.”

Meanwhile, Jamie Carragher has expressed his sympathy for the Premier League, saying: “It has never happened before. This is the first time the team has been fine for this matter. Therefore, no one really knows what the correct punishment should be.”

“This is an interesting story. The reason is that no one knows what to expect with something like this. If you know what the penalty for the offense you are about to commit is, You might stop and think about whether it is worth it if we spend more money and the club survives. We might do something about that.

“But the Premier League’s aim in declaring their sentences is to frighten people or prevent them from breaking the rules. Because we don’t know what the real punishment is.