Axel Witsel admits he still needs to adjust to playing quarterback.

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Axel Witsel admits he had to adapt and think about shifting his position from midfield to defender for Atletico Madrid football team.

Belgian midfielder Axel Witsel insists he is still enjoying life at Atletico Madrid. Despite having to switch positions from midfield to defense at the request of coach Diego Simeone. According to a report from ‘Diario AS’ last Monday. 

‘At the most three or four games at Dortmund. But not with three at the back, but with two. Which is a little more difficult. It was last year. When I started I played in this position most of the time. It’s new for me.’ Witsel said of playing on the defensive line UFABET

When asked about the differences between playing defender and midfielder. Witsel admitted there was an adjustment process in how he views the game.

‘To play in the middle of the field Everything is more natural. I knew I had to cover my competitors’ ground. It went well. At first I had to think a lot, not with the ball because you have everything in front of you. But in defense I had to change my speed slightly to predict the situation and run into the space.’

Witsel has been forced to move back to central defense as Simeone has adopted a five-man defense. And the Argentinian also wants a more speedy midfield player. Just like he used Pablo Barrios to play with Jorge Resurrecion Koke this season.

When asked about his decision.

To move to play with Quan Jian at the age of 25. The 34-year-old midfielder did not hide the reason that made him make that decision. ‘If I could go back I’ll do the same thing. You must tell the truth. People who went to China then are the same as people who go to Arabia now. They do so because they earn a lot of money. And I understand it’

Witsel also mentioned Yannick Carrasco, a former team-mate who moved to play in Saudi Arabia: ‘Yes, I talked to him. And he’s fine.’ before admitting that he misses his old friend too. ‘Yes, at first, as soon as he left, it felt a little strange that he wasn’t with us anymore. But this is part of football’