What is air diffusion or Airborne?

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What is air diffusion or Airborne? Airborne is an aerosol secretion released from the body. But evaporated until small can live long in the air and can float as far as 2 meters.

What is air diffusion or Airborne?

These microscopic droplets are released during normal exhalation, speaking, laughing, singing, exhaling vigorously during exercise, as well as coughing and sneezing. Come here, there is covid-19 mixed with people who live in the same area. Can be infected through this droplets even if they are not in close contact or come in direct contact with the infected person. Therefore called as airborne transmission or in English it’s called Airborne .

This is a new update that reminds us all to be more careful. Because even though they are not close talk intimately or drink water from the same tube can be infected with COVID-19.

Airborne outbreaks have occurred in many cases around the world. Such as outbreaks in restaurants shopping mall And buses of China or choir outbreaks in the United States and France. But this airborne spread will be more or less depending on the environment at that time as well.

what kind of environment That makes the virus spread through the air (Airborne) more?

In addition to the update on the new transmission. The CDC also discusses additional factors that make this airborne transmission more severe. This is mostly a matter of the environment at the point where the virus spreads.

  • An enclosed area that is not ventilated The ventilation system is not good enough. It will cause the virus that spreads out into the air with a high concentration because it is accumulated more and more. 
  • If the infected person exerts or increase the volume. Such as exhaling vigorously during exercise or shouting. loudly People in the same area are at an increased risk of contracting the virus.
  • The risk of infection through airborne transmission increases. If living with an infected person or stay in the same area for more than 15 minutes.