What does vitamin D help with? How is it useful in other areas?

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          Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. There are many kinds But the two most commonly mention are vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol). Which is found in seeds and yeast. It cannot be synthesized by the body and vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol). Which is synthesize by the body when expose to mild sunlight in the skin, is found in a variety of fish. However, is collectively refer to as the Vitamin D. By The Benefits Of Vitamin D In addition to the aforementioned COVID-19 issue.

The main ones are still important to the body as follows.

     1. It is a vitamin that is important in building bones. By helping the body absorb calcium and phosphorus. therefore reducing the risk of thin bones, osteoporosis, and easily broken bones Along with helping to control the UFABET levels of calcium and phosphorus in the bloodstream from dropping dangerously low.

     2. It is a vitamin to enhance the immune system to work perfectly.

     3. Helps reduce microbial infection

     4. Reduce respiratory tract infections, including colds, influenza, RSV and COVID-19.

     5. It is responsible for regulating growth. division and death of cells in the body.

     6. It plays an important role in the functioning of the nervous system, muscles, lungs, brain, heart.

     7. Helps maintain blood pressure levels. And if getting enough vitamin D will reduce the risk of high blood pressure as well.

     8. Reduces Migraine Headaches. Because helps regulate the circulatory system to function normally.

     9. Reduces the risk of depression by stimulating the production of the hormone serotonin which is the hormone of happiness

          from the benefits of vitamin D I believe that many people would like to add enough vitamin D to the body.