What causes body odor?

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What causes body odor and how can I get rid of it? 

Body odor is something people around you don’t dare tell you. Did you know that Where did this unpleasant smell come from? So what do we have to do to be free from this stuffy smell? We have the answer.

What causes body odor?

The weather is hot and the days are getting more and more intense. How does it affect us? The first thing that comes to mind is that we sweat a lot each day. Resulting in the pile up in various parts of the body that is also important to emit an unpleasant odor. until other people do not want to approach or dare to tell.

What is the cause of body odor? So how do we manage it?

The cause of the smell can occur for many reasons Most often it is caused by the smell of sweat that accumulates with various bacteria. under the underarms, crooks, which are warm and moist In addition to taking a shower and changing clothes as usual each day. What we will do for our deodorant is to use deodorants such as Deodorant and Antiperspirant.

Now let’s know the difference between Deodorant deodorant and antiperspirant is better.

– Deodorant products

It acts mainly in reducing body odor caused by bacteria. The main components of the product are perfumes and antibacterial drugs. Contains alcohol as a solvent When we use deodorant products, sweat will still be released normally.

– Antiperspirant antiperspirant products (Antiperspirant)

The main component is perfume as well. But there will be chemicals that act on the sweat glands. This prevents sweat from coming out of the pores. when there is no sweat will not smell The most common chemicals used in antiperspirant products are various types of heavy metal aluminum salts. Effective in binding to the salt of sweat to become gel. semi-solid, semi-liquid Then it will plug the sweat glands to prevent sweating. when collecting a lot The body will be eliminated by exfoliating the skin.

Then we should choose a good body odor reduction product.

Scholars rarely recommend antiperspirant antiperspirant products. (Antiperspirant) how much because it has been reported in animal studies that these aluminum metals affect the brain membrane. Including this substance was found in patients with Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s) at risk of breast cancer. and may be leaked into the bloodstream as well Therefore, we should choose to use Deodorant products are safer to use.