There are many types of insomnia

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There are many types of insomnia. Check it out, how do you sleep?

There are many types of insomnia
  • Difficulty falling asleep : my head hit the pillow but I still haven’t slept. It takes more than 20 minutes, or some people may take hours to fall asleep.
  • Wake up sleepy : feel like you haven’t slept. Just fall asleep for a while. 
  • Sleep and wake up in the middle of the night : in the early evening, may sleep soundly. But when it falls in the middle of the night Or go to sleep for a while and then wake up. Some people wake up and may not sleep through the night.

How can you not sleep? To call it a disease?

Medically , insomnia is called Insomnia. Of course, people can have sleepless nights and days. But if you are unable to sleep more than 3 days a week for more than a month. If insomnia begins to affect your daily life. Such as sleepiness or fatigue throughout the day, brain dullness, drowsiness, short memory, reduced performance. down Assume that you may be suffering from insomnia or insomnia and should see a psychiatrist for advice and treatment. do not cause other effects serious.