The nutrients to nourish the skin

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The nutrients to nourish the skin Taking care of your inner skin is as simple as turning to a supplement or choosing a good and healthy diet. That can help nourish the skin to be bright, beautiful and looking good, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and whole grains. The main sources of nutrients your skin needs are:

The nutrients to nourish the skin

Ascorbic acid

 Ascorbic acid is Vitamin C, an antioxidant that protects the skin and has contributed significantly to the creation of collagen and elastin. Help protect the skin from the sun. Resist stress Increase skin immunity Found in citrus fruits.

Vitamin A is The nutrients to nourish the skin

It helps to prevent aging of the facial skin. Repair damaged skin Maintain healthy skin And it is also important to the growth process of the facial skin to function normally as well. But should be given in moderation or about 3 milligrams, because if too much can be harmful and make the skin rough. Foods that contain vitamin A include milk, butter, salmon, green vegetables, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and pumpkin.

Carotene carotenoids (Carotenoids), the body will be transformed into a form of vitamin A before you apply. The best known carotenoids are beta carotene, found in green leafy vegetables and in orange fruits and vegetables.

The Vitamin E  is The nutrients to nourish the skin

Its is a very good antioxidant for the treatment of skin conditions. Helps maintain and repair body tissues. Makes the skin dry Help the wound heal faster Slow down the aging of the skin. And helps protect the destruction of skin cells. You should get about 200-400 IU per day. Foods containing vitamin E include fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, vegetable oils, whole wheat bread, etc.

B complex 

helps to nourish the skin, making the skin smooth. Also can repair damaged skin and skin tone by  B1 helps to exfoliate skin cells more efficiently,  B2 helps nourish the skin.

  B5 helps to resist stress to make the skin dull, Biotin. Helps build collagen, amino acids and fatty acids, helping to prevent dry, pale skin, look dull, found in egg yolks, liver, kidneys, beans, cauliflower, etc., where food sources with B vitamins include unrefined cereal flour. Color etc.

Vitamin D 

It helps encourage the skin to breathe better. So the skin looks bright and radiant. Help fight stress And reduce some types of skin diseases. In which the body receives 15 minutes of vitamin D from the mild sunlight a day is sufficient.