The miracle of salt flowers with all-around benefits

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Salt flowers is one of the raw materials obtained from the production of sea salt. Which was found to have many benefits that we did not expect at all. Especially in the field of disease treatment. Health care and skin care. Today, We will take everyone to get to know the salt flower in detail. And how to use it correctly. Let’s go see it.

Let’s get to know the salt flower.

Flower salt is the first product of salt farming. which looks like sea salt on the water surface If you taste it, you will feel that it is not very salty and slightly sweet. The salt flowers are very pure. It is rich in a variety of minerals such as iodine, calcium and magnesium, etc.

Flower salt also has a moisture value higher than ordinary salt up to 5 times, allowing those minerals to be absorbed into the skin effectively. It is therefore popular to be used to treat skin diseases. UFABET and use as an ingredient in spa products including skin care products

What is the difference between flower salt and common salt?
Many of you may not yet know how the salt flowers are different from ordinary salt. In addition to being more pure and clean than general table salt.

Salt flowers and common salt both have different uses: salt flowers are used for health, ailments , beauty and cooking purposes that do not require too much saltiness. As for the general salt, it is useful in cooking shrimp paste, pickled fish or sauces and pickles, etc.