The effects of toxic dust PM2.5.

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The effects of toxic dust that many people can clearly feel are a sore throat, itchy throat, dry cough. Which is quite annoying. So how do you fix this kind of throat irritation?

When we breathe in large amounts of dust. The effects of toxic dust the first noticeable symptoms are a sore throat, sore throat, burning nose, dry cough, or someone sneezing in a row. Which is the body‘s defense mechanism that tries to drive out foreign objects. However it is undeniable that burning throat, itchy nose, throat, dry cough, are an annoyance that anyone would not want to live with myself any longer. So we had to throat irritation from dust PM2.5 better than

Sore throat from dust PM2.5

1 drink. lots of water

During times of itchy, stinging throat caused by dust, drink more water than usual (at least 6 glasses per day) to allow the water to hydrate the lining of the throat. Reduce symptoms of throat irritation to some.

2. Eat soft food

if your throat hurts a lot. It is recommended to eat soft foods such as boiled rice and porridge that are not too hot. Because soft food will help make swallowing easier. More fluent enough.

3. Gargle often.

Sore throat from dust PM2.5

After eating or whenever you feel irritated Gargle with warm water with a little salt. or plain water This will help clean the throat. moisten the throat It also relieves a sore throat or throat irritation. 

4. Refrain from spicy food. Spicy

food may cause more irritation in the throat, so during the throat irritation or sore throat should refrain from spicy food first.

6. Temporarily refrain from using sound.

In case of severe throat pain, you should refrain from shouting or using loud noises until symptoms return to normal. because if you still shout, use your voice The capillaries in the throat can be affected and inflamed.

7. Stay in a well-ventilated place.

If possible, live in a well-ventilated building, house, building. To avoid dust and pollution.

8. Sip lemon juice mixed with honey.

Lemon juice contains citric acid and vitamin C. While honey has properties that help reduce inflammation. help against germs So when the two of these are mixed together to make honey lemon. It will help to cure throat irritation, cough and sore throat. and add moisture to the throat Importantly, honey lemon is also delicious.

9. Herbs can help.

Good herbs that help reduce throat irritation. There are several. And some can be used to cure a sore throat easily. You can find it nearby as well.