Take care of your facial skin to be beautiful.

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Skin is smooth, clear, healthy is every woman’s dream. But to get it must be take care of your facial skin for healthy skin and beautiful.

Many people these days may work at home or work from home. Making these real women and transgender women. Neglecting to take care of your skin coupled with less rest. Because they have to waste time in meetings for a long time. As a result the face is dull, looks shabby, or acne appears, and the skin is not smooth. And also face the blue light in front of the computer screen. That it affects the skin as badly as with exposure to the sun and dust, smoke. That is even more harmful to the skin until it looks premature. 

But don’t be alarmed. Today we have a way to take care of your face to come back to be beautiful and clear. It must be maintained differently. 

Facial skin during the age of 20 years.

Is a period known as facial skin still has enough collagen and elastin to keep our face looking firm. And the production of collagen and elastin in the skin begins to decline as we approach the age of 30. 

For facial skin it is mainly determined by environment and activities such as sleeping habits, exercise, stress, being out in the sun or staying in an air-conditioned room all day. Therefore we should take care of our facial skin to match our lifestyle.

How to care for the skin.

    1. Wash your face thoroughly. Followed by an Oil free moisturizer to add moisture to the skin. But it does not make the skin too oily and cause acne. 
    2. Wash your face in the morning and evening. And after exercise
    3. Exposure to the sun can cause sunburn, freckles, freckles, so sunscreen is important. Should choose a sunscreen that protects against both the Board spectrum UVA and UVB with SPF 30 to
    4. In the event of any makeup or sunscreen use make up remover clean to prevent clogging residue. which can cause acne 

Facial skin during the age of 30 years.

Facial skin condition during this period. The moisture of the skin begins to decrease. The skin’s defenses began to weaken. Less oil is released from the skin, causing the skin to dry out. We begin to notice increased wrinkles in areas of our face such as the eyes, forehead, cheeks and chin.

How to care for your skin.

    1. Nourishing with moisturizing products is important to slow down the aging process.
    2. Choose products. With vitamin C, vitamin A, or retinol, a component 
    3. Avoid eyebrows furrowed brow making 
    4. Apply sunscreen to protect your skin.

Facial skin during the age of 40. 

During this age, old skin cells in the epidermis begin to shrink. New skin cells are formed less. The dermis begins to lose its ability to retain water. flexibility and strength Makes the skin very dry Dark spots and wrinkles have clearly increased.

How to care for your skin.

    1. Choose an oil-based moisturizer.
    2. Choose a mildly acidic facial soap with a pH near sickle 5. 
    3. If you want to treat wrinkles such as lasers, radio waves, consult your doctor. expert