“Rove Insect” who come with the rain.

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Rove Insect” or Rove Beetle has a head, wings and tail are black. The chest part is orange is a small insect body about 7-8 mm. Often inhabiting damp grasses. Likes to come out and play with lights and light in the house. There will be a lot at the end of the rainy season. These insects can release a substance call Pederin. Which can cause skin irritation. Damage to the skin tissue of the person who touches it.

“Pederin” poisonous in the rainy season.

Pederin is a toxin in the cockatoo insect that causes inflammation, irritation, and burns to the outer layer of the skin. “Touch the pederin that comes out of the insect” is not cause by biting or stinging. Which most of the patients are unaware of when UFABET touch this insect.

Symptoms of poisoning “Rove Insect”

Burn wound It is often found as a longitudinal burn or kissing lesion. Which is a rash around the joint folds.

Irritation skin turns red have a burn sensation or itching

Red blisters, blisters


Itching, irritation


Wash with clean water.

Apply cold compress to the expose area.

Small marks can heal in 2-3 days.

Take antihistamines

Apply steroid medication to the exposed area.

Watch for symptoms, if symptoms do not improve, see a doctor.

However, the prevention of rotten insects is that they should not be touch or touch by such insects. If an insect accidentally hits the body. Avoid swiping or touching directly and should round the device on the mattress flick clothes wearable device to prevent insects from hiding. Including the closet door should be closed doors and bedroom windows are closed both day and night. During the night, the lights should be turned on only as needed, especially the bedroom lights should be turned off. Because rotten insects like to come out and play with lights.