Reduce road accidents Start at myself

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Reduce road accidents Start at myself. Driving instructions and restrictions can be tricky and takes a lot of steps. But that is a great protection against accidents that will help motorists safely get to their destination. If we follow carefully and consistently Accidents will definitely be reduced, here are eight tips for driving safely. 

  1. Check the readiness of the car before the trip, such as light systems, tires, tires, brake fluid, horns, wipers, seat belts. Or tools that should be attached to the car And should always plan the trip first 
  2. Prepare yourself for the ride by getting enough rest and not drinking alcohol. Especially if you have to drive at night or long distances.
  3. Fasten seat belts on every seat Every journey Whether the distance is near or far If small children are traveling with you, always have a quality and ergonomic car seat .
  4. Strictly obey the traffic rules by using the speed limit. By properly spacing the other cars, not driving, swaying, not walking through red lights, not driving in reverse. Give the signal in advance if you want to park or turn the car. And always observe people crossing the street or in the area where there is a crosswalk
  5. Keep things in the car like water bottles or shoes in place. Because it may flow under the brake pedal and unable to step on the brake or have difficulty stepping on it   
  6. Mindfulness, focus, not paying attention Or do other things while driving, such as talking on the phone, playing on the phone, pay attention to the phone screen. Reaching for things in the back seat, etc.
  7. If drinking alcohol, it is best to use public transport or have a fully-minded drive instead.
  8. If there are signs of frequent yawning asleep  , blinking rapidly, unable to remember the path you have recently passed. Driving the car wobbly straddled the lane and crashed into the edge of the road. You should find a place to park and take a break or take a nap. If the driver has to travel long distances, they should take a break every 2 hours or approximately 160 kilometers.