How to treat acne?

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How to treat acne?

 How to treat acne? The bad news that we should be aware of is that “ we can never cure acne ” and “ there are no shortcuts to treatment”. Acne treatment requires determination, sedation and patience. Extracted from vitamin A, it must be trusted. Because the drug will work to help push clogged acne to emerge on the skin. And it may take at least 8 weeks for the results to be seen. Makes some people can’t wait Or seeing a pimple popping up during the treatment Thus causing the treatment to be intermittent Finally, when the acne spreads beyond self-healing. Turned to other treatments that cost a lot of money.

How to treat acne?

Changing their attitude 

Many people think that acne is caused by inadequate cleanliness, being dirty, and thinking that it is their fault, but acne can actually be caused by a number of different causes. For example, we are out of control, so you should change your mind and attitude, “ The acne is not because we are dirty and wrong from the villagers, but acne is actually natural.” When acne comes up, it doesn’t matter. We’ll start to heal in the right way and it will go away by itself. ”If we can adjust our thinking. Will make this part of the stress lessened Makes acne treatment more effective.

Notice yourself a little 

Note that when we tend to get acne. Summer or rainy season And during that time, did something unusual from the original or not, such as changing the products used on the skin, changing the shampoo, etc. When we observe ourselves until we know that When did acne ask us? Had to be extra vigilant Or, some people experience heavy acne because they switch to improper products that contain fragrances, alcohol and oil-based products. Avoid

Maintenance before maintenance 

During acne treatment, you must be mindful of buying as many different products as possible. Do not think of skincare during this time. But turn to cure acne first During treatment, you should avoid oil-based products. Coco Butter Peppermint Oil Because when we have acne Our skin is easily irritated. Avoid heavy creams. If you don’t want it to clog your pores more But for people with dry skin You may need some maintenance. By choosing to use aloe vera gel as a moisturizer before.

Reduce oiliness on the face. 

If you realize that the face of it until the eggs are fried You should wash your face to get some oil out. But do not wash your face often, as this will further stimulate acne breakouts. But if you face it too much to be remedied by yourself Should hurry to consult a doctor to find a solution to the cause The doctor may need medication to control the androgen hormones. (This section must be under the guidance of a doctor only)