How to prevent and eliminate body odor?

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How to prevent and eliminate body odor? Excessive sweating and body odor are problems that no one wants to happen. It will affect self-confidence. Normally, body odor can be managed by eliminating bacteria on the skin that causes body odor. Especially in the armpit area, keeping it clean and not damp.

You can cure body odor by following these guidelines:

Take a shower twice a day to cleanse, cleanse and eliminate bacteria on the skin. After showering, dry yourself thoroughly because bacteria can grow in wet areas UFABET 

Keep your armpits clean. The armpits have a lot of apocrine glands, which is the cause. You should shower and clean the armpits thoroughly using soap or shower products that have antibacterial properties. Also, trim or shave your armpit hair regularly to make the sweat evaporate faster, reducing contact with bacteria. You should also keep your underarms dry at all times to help reduce.

Antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride to reduce sweat production. Which if in contact with bacteria on the skin will cause. Apply under the armpits regularly every night before going to bed and wash off in the morning. If the amount of sweating is reduced, adjust the use to every other day or 1-2 times a week.

Deodorant will help eliminate body odor, but it cannot reduce sweat production. Most deodorants contain alcohol as the main ingredient. Which makes the skin more acidic and less likely to react with bacteria. Or deodorants that contain fragrances can mask sweat.

Wear clean clothes . Clean your clothes regularly. Do not wear the same clothes without washing them. Change clothes after exercising or doing activities that make you sweat a lot. Also, choose to wear clothes made from natural fibers. Such as cotton, linen or silk, which will help ventilate and make sweat evaporate faster.