How to fix and prevent smelly hair?

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1. Wash your hair more often, at least once a day with a mild shampoo. Do not use shampoos that are too strong or too strong, as they can make your scalp produce more sebum.

How to fix and prevent smelly hair?

2. While washing your hair, you should not scratch because the more you scratch, the more stinky

3. If using a hair conditioner, do not massage near the root of the hair, as this will stimulate the sebaceous glands to come out even more.

4. After shampooing, wipe the head thoroughly dry every time, do not let the hair wet. Because if your hair gets wet, it can spread the bacteria further, making it easy to smell bad. 

5. Do not use hair styling products, especially those oils, as they will make the hair and scalp more oily.

6. Should avoid hair coloring, curling, straightening because it will make the hair more easily smelly.

7. Try to avoid places that are very hot or crowded. Because the heat and stinky will stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce a lot of sebum, resulting in a bad hair condition.

 8. Should change pillowcases and clean the bedding regularly to reduce moisture.

 9. Stop eating foods that smell pungent like garlic.

 10.Try to cut your hair short for good ventilation so that sweat will not come off easily.

11. If your scalp is inflamed. Infection of the skin area Should choose to use a drug-containing shampoo. “Ketoconazole” that helps to inhibit the fungus on the scalp. Symptoms will not spread. Reduce more infections. If it is a lot, you may consult a dermatologist.

   Bad hair disease is an abnormal condition of the hair. But if you let me stink anyway, no one will want to get close to you. Therefore urgently needs to be treated in order to return to normal as before Which would not be long if the intention was truly…