How to choose a facial cleansing

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For normal skin people

 How to choose a facial cleansing? Because people with normal skin It is considered a group that is easier to maintain skin than other skin types. You can choose from a wide variety of products. However, they must maintain and use them in a balanced manner. Not used too much or not too little And try not to let your face become oily or dry until it becomes a skin problem Then you will be a person who has a beautiful face 24 hours a day.

How to choose a facial cleansing

Oily and combination

People with this type of skin may find it unfortunate that their pores appear larger than other skin types. Due to the high flow of oil in the forehead, nose and chin ( T-zone ), it makes oily and combination skin prone to acne. But there are still advantages: It is more difficult to get wrinkles. But don’t be complacent Because if you bother your face by frequently rubbing your face, it may cause wrinkles as well.

As for the selection of face care products for oily skin You should choose a product that contains oil control. That can help control oil and make pores appear smaller For makeup remover products, you should choose the water base type. Because it is light and comfortable and does not clog pores. And should choose a gel-like product rather than other types And one of the good fortunes for people with oily skin is You can choose to use a toner that contains alcohol to clean thoroughly. (If you are confident that you will not lose) and your face will be clearer as you like.

How to choose a facial cleansing for Dry skin type

skin is caused by the oil glands producing less oil. Causing the risk of premature aging problems Both the aging and temporary wrinkles It also has problems with keeping moisture rarely. Resulting in a feeling of tightness on the face after washing the face is complete The facial skin is visibly dry and rough. Sometimes the surface is flaky. When touched or rubbed hard, it can easily get red.

If you have dry skin Should choose to use a cleansing product that does not contain bubbles or is minimal. But if you have to wash your makeup as well. You should use a cleansing cream or oil base, and preferably a product that contains a moisturizer. The cleanser may contain AHA or BHA to help remove dead skin cells and oils in the pores. If you are suffering from acne. It is best to use non-comedogenic products, and another important thing is that you must never wash your face with hot water. If you do not want the face to be more dry and crisp

How to choose a facial cleansing for people with sensitive skin

People with this type of skin need special care. Most of them are allergic to fragrances, alcohol, and many other things because their skin structure is not strong enough to fight extracts, and those with sensitive skin have a similar basis to dry skin. However, the skin is drier and prone to redness and rash. If any product is to be used, it must be tested by applying it to the arm and leaving it on. If there are no symptoms at all, it can be used on the face.