How to buy sunscreen.

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Suggest that before buying sunscreen no matter what brand. The following matters should be taken into consideration as a primary concern. It’s important to your body.

1. Production date and expiration date

          What’s fresh is better than something that’s about to expire. Sunscreen, too. The newer the product is produced. The better the performance of the product, ready to use, and another thing that should be emphasized is the expiration date. Always check before buying anything to use. Because if using expired products. In addition to being ineffective also pose a danger.

2. Standard certification mark

          Good brands are guaranteed. For example, sunscreens in the US and Europe that are standardized are either FDA or EU approved. There are regulations that are used in the most stringent inspection. In terms of sunscreens produced in Thailand, there must be a certification mark from the Food and Drug Administration or FDA to certify production standards. and safety

3. Contains no harmful substances

          Because sunscreen has UV protection properties. both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide Therefore, it is an ingredient in almost every brand of sunscreen products. But if used in large quantities or long-term, it will cause harm to the skin. Therefore, always check the ingredients when buying a sunscreen. This ensures that there are no chemical ingredients that are harmful to the skin.

4. Always test for allergies first.

          This can be tested by applying a cream to the underarm area, which is the most gentle. If you feel a burning sensation or itching around the area you applied the sunscreen from the first time you use it. Stop and change to a new brand. or see a doctor immediately Because that’s a sign of an allergic reaction.


5. How to buy sunscreen For sensitive skin

          If girls have sensitive skin It is recommended to use a gentle sunscreen. Contains no harmful substances such as Oxybenzone, Titanium Dioxide. and zinc oxide that when used in large quantities may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions or make the skin clogged, which is the cause of acne

6. Take into account the style of the product. and activities

          For a casual day, you don’t have to go out. Or office ladies do not have to go out in the sun a lot, it is recommended to use an SPF of at least 15. For those who like to go out for outdoor activities such as diving, cycling or running, should choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to help protect the skin. The best from the sun with an SPF of less than 15 protects the skin from dullness. But it can’t prevent skin cancer.

7. Waterproof/Sweatproof

          The weather is very hot, sweating easily. make the sunscreen runny The best solution is Opt for a waterproof sunscreen. that can be used for going to sea or swimming.

8. Price is not a measure of quality.

          Expensive things are not always good. Sunscreen, too. Price is not a measure of quality. But it is the appropriateness of choice that makes the product see the best results.

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