Causes of dry and damaged skin.

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The sun’s is a causes of dry and damaged skin.

Ultraviolet rays can cause premature aging of the skin. Because sunlight is the destroyer of collagen, the tissue that acts to coordinate the skin cells together, and the fiber elastin in the skin will be thicker when exposed to the sun too many people, especially the guava who prefer sunbathing to make the skin color. represent It may be popular, but it still affects the health of the skin. And increases the risk of skin cancer. As well as for the mechanism for the formation of a tan. When our skin is exposed to sunlight. It stimulates the melanosite pigment to release melanin. And the pigment moves to the surface of the skin and causes a brown color. To protect the skin from being damaged by the sun In addition, the heat from the sun also reduces the oil that coat the skin as well. Which causes the skin to flake and dry.

causes of dry and damaged skin

the lower humidity of the air, which can lead to dry and rough skin. The cold wind will cause dryness to crack and draw moisture away from the skin. Therefore, when the weather is cold, we need to apply a protective lotion on the whole body. Water heaters can also dry out the skin. In addition, tropical air conditioners and artificial air on planes can also dry your skin. Therefore, we need to apply moisturizing cream all over the skin as well.

Cold weather Cold 

The weather causes blood vessels to constrict. Blood does not support various parts of the body, so we need exercise exercises to stimulate blood supply to various parts of the body, including the skin. And should wear warm clothes Including adjusting the temperature of the warm water used to shower to cool.

Pollution in the air, dust, smoke, food fumes, etc.

It will lead to residue on the skin, resulting in a dull and dull complexion. Usually, cell membranes are the body’s main defense and are responsible for deciding which substances should or should not be introduced into the body. Hazardous substances can be separated from the cell by the cell membrane in a certain amount. But if too much, it will not be compatible. 

causes of dry and damaged skin


causes the secretion of stress hormones and fluctuations in body functions in many systems. Including the excretion of toxins and toxins easily deteriorate the skin.

Many food residues can also cause the body to lose its beauty. It is also a free radical that causes cell degeneration and aging such as preservatives, mold preservatives, pesticides, etc.

Smoking is causes of dry and damaged skin

Smoking is another cause that causes harmful substances to destroy various tissues, causing the blood vessels to contract. And make the delivery of nutrients through the blood vessels worse.

A bright light from a computer monitor

 Cell phone screens with different rays stimulate cells to make more black pigment and spread to the epidermis just like sunlight.

Rapid weight loss 

It has clearly resulted in the skin wrinkling and flabby. Therefore, maintaining body weight will help prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.