Causes of dark lips

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Causes of dark lips , The color of the lips usually ranges from pink to red to darker. These are the characteristics of individuals inherited from their parents or ancestors, for example, dark-skinned people tend to have darker lips than whites, etc.

Older age 

Similar to body skin tone, lips may begin to darken more and more. Which through food, drinks, toothpaste, lipstick, sunlight and much more that can cause the lips to darken.

Personal behaviors 

Personal behaviors such as frequent lip licking, heavy smoking, etc.


It causes dark lips May be caused by sunlight that makes the lips darker, similar to skin that is frequently exposed to sunlight, but we can prevent dark lips from this cause by choosing a sunscreen formula. But if you are allergic to lipstick or food allergies When exposed to the sun, it may make the mouth darker even more.

Lipstick allergy

 Especially the cheap lipsticks are not up to standard. Or a good quality lipstick, famous brands, it may cause some people to lose as well. This is most often caused by an allergy to fragrances, colors or preservatives contained in lipstick.


It is another reason that may affect the lips to change, such as the cold weather. Your mouth may be dull and pale. Because the blood vessels shrink and become more black than normal But this problem is only temporary. Therefore do not have to worry too much

Incomplete health

 Such as anemia, chronic illness. Patients with recovery phase It may cause the amount of blood flowing to the lips is less. After a long day, it will show imperfections in the mouth. Thus making the mouth look pale Or another In the case of patients with heart disease in which the blood is concentrated It may result in lips appear darker than normal people.

Certain medications

 Such as diabetes, diuretics, antifungal medications Allergy medication Or cold medicine It may cause an allergic reaction.

Certain fruits and vegetables,

There are ginger, celery, coriander, onion, garlic, and citrus fruits, pineapples, mangos, tamarinds, etc. Because these foods contain a substance called soralen that may remain on the lips after eating. If these substances are exposed to ultraviolet substances in sunlight. It will cause a chemical reaction that causes the lips to become inflamed and stimulates the production of pigmented cells Until darkening the lips