Causes of acne(2)

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Pollution and sunlight 

Causes of acne

Causes of acne for those who work in an air-conditioned room, they don’t have to worry about the sun too much. But yes, when will you escape the acne? Because staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time will cause the skin to dry. And the air that circulates in it may not be clean enough to stimulate acne breakouts. As for the people who avoid the sun can not go away The heat from the sun causes the water in the skin to evaporate. When the face is dry The sebaceous glands will produce more oil. It is the cause of oil and acne in the face. And the more the weather in our home that is both hot and humid like this It is even a source of acne vulgaris and other types of acne as well.

Smoking is causes of acne

There is a number of studies showing that Smoking causes blood vessels to narrow. Causing the epidermis to receive insufficient nutrients and oxygen. When our beautiful skin gets less nutrients. It will make the skin not strong enough to rejuvenate itself when worn. Not able to protect themselves from bacteria as well as they should Until causing pimples to clog both white and black heads in the end.

Foods that can cause acne

 such as seaweed, spinach, and shellfish, which contain more iodine and fluoride that can cause acne, include starches, sugars, milk, and dairy products. That if you eat too much, it can cause acne to aggravate Because milk contains androgen hormones And substances that stimulate acne are mixed in, such as carbohydrates, iodine, omega 6, etc., and currently research has confirmed that ” food is not a direct factor causing acne. But the substances in food that cause acne.“Or in people with poor lymphatic system When you eat something, it can easily get pimples on your face. And most importantly, this group of people is often unaware that food and lymphatic systems are associated with acne. Therefore eating food carelessly When it comes to acne, it causes stress. When stressed out, acne is so bad. 

Using an inappropriate product

 Some people are already acne-prone and sensitive. But still choose to use products that mix both perfume and alcohol When using these products, it will cause irritation. Then it will be the cause of acne. Including people who like to buy fashion skincare I want to try new things even though I have already found something that suits me. It may cause acne as well.

Make-up accessories that pile up 

Which powder brush Blush brushes that we will use When using, don’t forget to wash and clean your brush after use. This is to prevent makeup tools from becoming a home for bacteria and causing acne.