Causes of acne

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Androgen hormones 

Causes of acne , Its like to say that what controls the oil is the hormone androgen. Which is a hormone that is most common in males But also found in females by the hormone swing or change. Each person will have the most extreme acne, like women, hormones fluctuate when the menstrual cycle comes or is pregnant. As for men, hormones will burst naturally. During adolescence or during stressful periods.

Causes of acne
What Is Acne?

Individual genetics 

Make the skin different from the structure of the skin. Creating too much or too little fat Ability to repair the skin during acne breakouts and repair when the symptoms of acne breakouts have been recovered.

Dont mess with the face, its causes of acne 

Such as touching, petting, sheep, and scratching the face often, we have to remember that our hands have been holding something each day If we do not wash our hands And coming into contact with the face frequently, it may cause irritation or bring bacteria to cause existing acne to become inflamed as well, often exfoliation can lead to acne breakouts. Because when we scrub That means we are unknowingly making the face look thicker. 

Narrowing the pores The oil that was supposed to come out couldn’t come out. (Can scrub the face, but not often If you have acne, you don’t have to exfoliate. Better wait for it to heal and then scrub), washing your face too often or more than twice a day will stimulate the sebaceous glands to work abnormally, some behavior that distracts the facial skin. For example, some people like to spread their hair Some people like to pinch their noses. Use the phone next to the cheek while chatting. Or likes to sit on their feet, chin or cheeks on a regular basis

Daily activities such as not keeping clean.

Washing or unclean makeup, using blemishes or oily makeup, applying creams or powders that can cause acne on the face, Wearing a hat or helmet without washing, lying on the side and drooling from the side, a cook that gets fumes from various grease and oil substances, a mechanic who works with oil, a person who uses Carbon paper etc.

Washing your face the wrong way is causes of acne

Don’t assume that just using a regular cleansing foam will leave your face completely clean. Even if I rub my hand on my face, I don’t feel that there is oily residue or anything left behind. Because the cosmetics that we put on the face, it cannot be washed off with cleansing foam alone. Finally, those cosmetics will be mixed with cleansing foam until they become clogged and cause acne breakouts. And also to people without makeup When it’s face, then wash it all day. Instead of disappearing acne, it becomes unconsciously stimulating the occurrence of acne.

Sebum on the face 

Oiliness is one of the things that acne prefers a lot when the sebaceous glands produce oil that makes the face oily. And then we just leave it like that. Without finding a way to clean it out The oil gets clogged up in the pores, and as it stays in for a long time, it mixes with the dead cells and creates a clogged pimple in it. This type of acne is the main culprit, causing endless other types of acne problems to follow.

Too much stress and sleep late is causes of acne

It is a popular behavior of city people that has it all. You can notice that during the exam or during the rush to deliver work. We will have an increased chance of getting acne. That’s because when we are stressed, our body releases hormones. Which hormones that will stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil Causing even more acne