Acne treatments & whats causes of acne

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Acne treatments, Acne  is a very common problem that can happen to anyone. But the nature of each person’s facial skin will be different. Therefore affecting the face of each person is not the same Causing some people to suffer from acne Some people have less acne. But I can believe that almost everyone has faced some acne problem. Some people take care of themselves to the fullest, and still have acne popping up and hurt. For people who do not get acne, it is really merit (I do not know what to do with it) since we cannot avoid acne. We just have to get to know the nature of acne in order to learn how to live together without much stress. Waiting for a chance to get rid of existing pimples.

Acne treatments

If talking about the beginning of acne It often starts to come in with us when we are young. Until we reach the age of 30, it will gradually diminish and disappear itself. But not everyone will survive acne as we age. Because acne can also be caused by a variety of reasons, the habitat of acne is that our pores have more than 20,000 pores on the face.

Naturally, the sebaceous glands produce oil to coat the skin from being too dry. But the sebaceous glands may produce too much oil through the regulation of androgen hormones. That is a catalyst for large sebaceous glands When we have more oil and can not get out of the pores because there is an obstacle to the exit. It will eventually become acne.

Acne treatments

Sex and acne, we can be together. Sex is not as effective for acne as many people think, and no matter how hard you masturbate, it doesn’t increase or decrease acne. To date, there is no scientific evidence to support the belief that sex and masturbation are associated with acne.

Internal factors and external cleanliness. The cause of acne is not caused by dirt alone. Because acne can be caused by hormones and other causes. For example people with poor lymphatic system can get acne regardless of cleanliness.

Chocolate and Acne : Chocolate is not the cause of acne as many people understand, but the problem lies in the fact that milk and sugar added to chocolate are the triggers of acne. Therefore, if you really want to eat chocolate, I recommend choosing ” dark chocolate ” instead. It may be a little sweet, but very useful.

Location of acne can tell diseases. Such as forehead acne caused by digestive problems and staying up late, acne between the eyebrows may be someone who can not digest lactose from milk. So it shows results in that area, acne on the cheeks caused by the use of improper makeup, acne around the eyes is often caused by allergies and the sun. Acne on the chin is often caused by eating foods that are spicy.

Acne treatment with a doctor Usually, prescribing antibiotics to treat acne is usually a last resort. Doctors will only use it if all precautions have been done but haven’t worked. There are different prevention and treatment options. Because it could mean that the acne you have could be caused by hormones. In this case, you should consult your doctor for a safe hormonal adjustment.