7 types of hurbal tea

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7 types of hurbal tea for Liquor, cigarettes and spicy food Wrong eating behavior Abdominal pain and indigestion caused by stress. We will introduce 7 types of tea. That is suitable for those people.

7 types of hurbal tea

1.Dandelion tea

Helps reduce tight stomach. Help the malfunction of the stomach and cure gastritis. Peptic ulcer disease

2. Chamomile tea

Helps to malfunction of the stomach. Peptic ulcer disease without caffeine does not damage the stomach and produce gas in the stomach.

3. Orange peel tea

It comes from the fact that the orange peel is dried and helps digestion.

4.Cinnamon tea

Flat stomach Help in digestion And relieve stomach disorders And help reduce stomach pain Gastric spasms

5. Shashi Sandra (Omiya)

Helps reduce stomach acid, making it less stinging.

6. Aloe vera tea

Makes the digestive system better And reduce stomach disorders

7. kombucha fermented tea

Or fermented tea is a drink with probiotics or good bacteria that help balance the balance in the intestines, increase immunity and prevent disease. Help the digestive system work better. Help cure cancer It also has a positive effect on the detoxification of the blood and digestive system